The first step…

Well this is it… The first time I heard the word ‘blog’ I really didn’t like the sound of it… And ‘twitter’ even worse… As if any one would be interested in all the small facts of life of one individual….

But then I realised… This really is new media… Everyone can connect with great accuracy to the topics they most care about…

Now I had a very interesting life from my point of vieuw, maybe not as exciting or with as much ‘standing’ as many would seek, but I am a happy woman… I have lived many richesses of this world… Tastes, views and presences have enteracted with the being I created…

And now I’m up to a next experiment…. To build a wooden horse-drawn wagon… That is what this blog is about… With updates for people interested (my friends know I’m not really always up to date…) and maybe personal reflections… People might be curious… They tell me it will be hard… Tell me it cots a lot…

Well tell me, working the nine to five in dusty or indoor conditions before a screen… Is that not hard? Is that not costing anything to body and soul?

I know I can stay at no one place for the rest of my life, and want to get this organized… I love nature and I love culture, but we have isolated ourselves from the intimate connection between both… I want to explore this connection, and want to explore the way we can live by sharing, rather than selling our talents… But it is a challenge….

Come on, let’s take the first step… 😉


About Laima

Habitant of plantet Earth, keen to make a ride...
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