Ok, fits my charachter, not very amusing, this blog, lately…. My computer broke down (severe case of virus-infected dementia… and on top of that authority issues…) so I didn’t really have acces to the internet the last five weeks… I bought a US military standard USB stick to keep my data on (mostly pictures)…. But so keeping things up to date is not that evident…

So update… For the moment the thing is getting the knowhow, people and materials together… Making a model a factor 10 smaller… Time is shortening… In one month we start building… I’m getting a bit nervous… But my oh so dear friends keep telling me they look forward to the building festival. Many ask me what my plans are for the coming months… But I honestly don’t know… We just start to build in june and then I see… How far the building works avanced… And then some moving around to find a horse friend I think…

Anywayz… It’s so nice NOT to have a plan… The plan unfolds as the universe does….

Soon… I post you pictures of the model…. And pictures of the stained glass window designs… And pictures of the chassis….

A bientôt, chers amis….


About Laima

Habitant of plantet Earth, keen to make a ride...
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