Day six

Day of thunder!!

Animated discussion with Frank, about ego and group spirit… Cloudy sky, almost left, but then decided to stay after open conversation… Many hugs and love show me it is good to stay…

Decided to nourish the group spirit instead of hurrying my project… So things going at a slower pace and waiting for the right time… More weeding and cooking…

In the evening we went with a group of six to surprise Noah, the son of Bram, who was on a school camp… Tiger Eyes (Tijgeroog), Great Thunder (Grote Donder), Light Feather (Lichte Veer), Laughing Blossom (Gierende Vlierbloesem), Allseeing Oak (Alziende Eik) and Fearsome Little Rabbit (Woest Konijntje)… We dressed up as indians, painted our faces and sneaked up to the fireplace with drums and cries… Made music, painted faces, danced and sung a lot… What a beautiful group spirit was created! The children were ecstatic, as were we… We left singing and drumming… And full of love and peace in our heart…

Thank you universe!!!

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2 Responses to Day six

  1. Reyniers Evelyn says:

    Hey hey,

    if you read this message on time (before 8AM 26th of June), can I still come around to say hi??? What is needed? Tent, sleeping bag, stuffed tiger, pijama??? 🙂
    Can you also pick me up at the busstation (Bollostraat?) should be there around 10:26.

    Can I bring something else with me? How are the plans? How is the construction goin’?

    love you

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