Day seven

Thursday 23rd of June

Steven and Chenny left today, southbound to Nowhere, a festival of self-expression… Beautiful people… Hope to see them again soon… I think Chenny left me a straw-and-flowers-doll… Thank you!!

Jan and Julien came, we had a very nice night at the campfire…

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About Laima

Habitant of plantet Earth, keen to make a ride...
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One Response to Day seven

  1. Reyniers Evelyn says:

    August the first,

    Our dear Laima took place in her brand new mobil home last night, honked a few times (well if I have to admit, she was still honking 4 streets further away) and she took off, to new adventures…
    Even if our time together in Gentbrugge was quite short, she left this unmistakable trace of happiness and joy in my (our) life. For every person who will meet Laima in the future, be aware of the gift, and enjoy the moment, the learning, the laughter….

    Laima I wish you all the best adventures, the most beautiful experiences and I’m sure that you’ll find your divine purpose. Life is not a destination, it’s a journey!!!!

    Love you, miss you already and it’s already getting boring here 🙂
    And you always have a home here!!!

    xxx E xxx

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