Mobile living!

Ha ha!! Update since june: I’ve got a mobilhome!! (Now august 6th)

Moved out of the house I lived in for a year – it was a wonderfull year!! And wonderfull housemates!! – and now I live in my mobile home…

And I noticed…. Nothing really changed… Except my house… I still do tours as I did before, but now I take my bed and cosy belongings with me!!

PS: Evelyn I love you… xxx

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About Laima

Habitant of plantet Earth, keen to make a ride...
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2 Responses to Mobile living!

  1. Reyniers Evelyn says:

    Lief Engelenkind, je bent je tekening hier vergeten!
    En khoop dat je snel (vanaf de 26sten :p) weer rond Gent toert, en btw als je na mijn examens nog op Plukrijp bent, kom ik af (met mijn tentje :D)
    Let me know,

  2. Mar-Tinus says:

    als je mij oppikt in Zfrankrijk, tour ik zo met je mee………..

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