Route to the sun

Passed some nice places…. Killed a cat… Sory cat… First time in my life I killed something so big. Cathedral of Orléans and Bourg Magnac with coffee and sun, (yea, it’s incredible, but still Granada and Sevilla cathedrals kick ass!)… I wanted to go south quick, and don’t pay the péage, so there were long hours on the road, with many roundabouts… 😉

But luckily almost everything you pass is beautiful, so every break can choose a nice spot…

I thought too, I’ll make the slide shows shorter, and try to add some comment. Aactually all comments are most the same: I was on this place with this light falling in my eyes, and wanted to catch and share the image… Many images I don’t even know where they were taken… Oh so many pictures!!! All this work takes hours! I just bought some more storage space on the blog, because there is still so much I want to show you!!! 😉

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Habitant of plantet Earth, keen to make a ride...
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1 Response to Route to the sun

  1. Gert says:

    Some of these photographs are absolutely amazing. I’m jealous. Have fun!

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