Vam’ a Grana’

We took the smugglers’ route through the mountains, passing Lleida, Zaragoza, Madrid…

Somewhere around nine ‘o clock at morning – for we took the road early – we stopped at a champagne factory to buy some bottles as gifts, me for Dóri, Yelena for her sister who just gave birth to her first child… The woman opened four different bottles to let us taste… That was a very early champagne tasting session. Actually it is Blanquette de Limoux, or méthode Limousin, but apparently a farmer from Limoux region introduced the method in the Champagne region…

At Zaragoza a police on a motorbike stopped me, so I ask if there’s a problem…

Two he said, one in Spain trucks drive on the right lane and two, you cannot use the camera when driving… I thanked him for the information and as he escorted me back to the highway I asked Yelena who took a nap at the back to put her head down because I thought the cop wouldn’t like that too much…

So after that I didn’t take pictures any more while driving for a while, and I saw some very nice landscapes I cannot share with pictures…

We stopped in Madrid for a walk and some exhibitions, but then my camera battery was empty and I missed many beautiful shots… But we saw beautiful buildings and trees and paintings and had fun 🙂

Getting to the mountainous region of Granada there was an amazing view of the fading mountain chains at the horizon, the bright red of the plowed fields and the vivid yellow of crops on the sunlit hills on the forefront, and a heaven, loaded with heavy rainclouds, breaking open, sending God’s Rays to our destination…

It inspired me to make paintings of that view as you’ll see later on….

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