Descending to the coast

A nice road it was between Granada and Nerja!! I got an amazing big and beautiful rainbow as goodbye gift when I left Granada… The mountains are a treat to the eye.

My next stop was Beneficio, in Orgiva, near Lanjarón. I heard about it many times… First I was told that there were interesting permaculture practices in the neighborhood, then I heard many people who had been there or were going there, and I heard it was the biggest hippie community in Spain…

I would love to have made photo’s there: of the landscape, the people, the broken down cars in the carpark that’s isolated from the civilised world since a heavy rainstorm washed away the dirt road leading to it… Now it looks like a truck graveyard, all – hundred? – cars rusting away, but still being used in complexes, with wooden structures as veranda’s and extension of the car-house…. The big tipi with the holy fire in the middle and altar next to it, the immense dreamcatchers, the chapati next to the fire in the ashes, the beautiful merkabah house, the abundance of almonds…

I asked in the “Big Lodge” –  the centre of society and main tipi – if I could make any pictures. The answer was that in the time they smashed every camera that entered the site, so I was very cautious not to make pictures, and if I did so, with some adrenaline rushing through my veins.

I know, I’m chicken… I had this a few times in my life… With the cops waking me up at the rooftop of the bus station of Nice a had a similar experience, and now recently again… I still don’t know how to handle these situations… If people don’t want to be photographed or their environment or houses, I do not want to violate their privacy… The arrogant attitude of the police though, I should find a solution. I think I can make photographs on public domain of government officials, but apparently they’d dare smash cameras and maybe worse…

Anyway… At the beautiful coast between Motril and Nerja, I felt so nice and warm that I immediately went to a deserted rocky beach to have a swim!! Orgiva is at an altitude of about 800 m, so if with every 100 m of altitude it gets approximately one degree colder, I just won eight degrees in two hours!!! You notice the difference!!! Now I am at Costa Tropical!! Nice and warm if you compare it to the fall of Belgium and France, and the mountains of the Sierra Nevada…

At a beautiful mountainous valley that gave to the sea, I met two wild horses… Again a black female and a white male that could be brother and sister. The white man was blind and they were gratefully grazing the very fresh grass shoots after the rains of the weeks before… I had a great time watching them, and gave them my old bread and apples…

And then again it was time for some washing up at a camping… A very friendly English lady gave me some hints about aquarel painting, that I should ‘drop’ the colors in.. I tried and it didn’t work out so wonderful… But thanks lady!!

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