WOW Granada!!!!

What a city!! This was the only real destination of my travel… People told me you should see Granada before you die… Now I can die in peace!! 🙂 But more important, a good friend of mine, Dóri, is living in Granada and I wanted to visit this beautiful soul…

I saw all these massive and beautiful buildings decorated with surrounding trees, graphs, fruits, crazy people…

It was so nice seeing Dóri, she’s an angel…

We went to Santa Fe together. These are hot springs in the earth. We had a beautiful warm bath, champagne and smokes… Only thing… It had been raining all night, and I parked really AT the springs… So the next morning my front wheel was up to the half in a puddle of water and mud… What a heavy and slippery clay!!

After trying five times, we finally got out of the big puddle near the springs, I don’t know how we got out, I didn’t have any grip at all… Then we climbed the hillside to get out to the road… We slipped so badly on the way up, I had the impression we were in a boat that was dancing side to side… (There’s one picture that shows the tracks of the car coming up…)

Once we were on the hilltop the worst still had to begin… We took the high road through the olive field because the lower one was filled with a vast plane of mud and a big puddle… Getting up was not so big of a problem, but then it started… The road was so bad and steep I thought it would be better to drive through the olive field because there was some grass growing under the trees. so I thought to have a bit more grip between the trees…

But no!! No grip at all!!! We walsed through the trees, my car utterly uncontrollable… We slid sideways of the hill, the nose and back of the truck both brushing the branches of the trees… At three meter of an other hot spring with very fine and sucking mud, I finally got some grip again and we got out of that situation… But then there was still a big descent… I could see there was no grip at all, very deep trenches and it was going down very steeply… While descending I realized if one of my wheels would get into the trench, I would break the wheel axis… So I tried to steer away from the trenches, but my car kept sliding that way… Finally, we got out…

I had been so stressed I took a few days just to get chilled out again… Then at the camping of La Zubia, I met Ron, now a friend of mine, who offered me dinner and a coffee pot, because I served him very bad coffee before (the punk or turkish way 😉 )…

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