The beautiful coast of Nerja and Maro

The Russian woman I met, Yelena, was in Nerja to visit her sister, and I went to visit her… I lived for a week at the Barranco de Maro, a beautiful valley leading to the sea, spanned by an amazing bridge, and inhabited by many special people, living in caves, vans, and self constructed houses… This was a really good and relaxing time for me… I met some interesting people and enjoyed the water, nature and peace…

It is Costa Tropical, there are mango’s, cherimoya’s, (thanks for the spell check Joe!) avocado’s and oranges, and of course a lot more… So I ate a whole lot of them!! 🙂

Ron came to visit me for coffee, and he brought Donal and Hiro. They were going to Los Portales, a farm in Castilblanco. I thought it was such a good idea I followed them a few days later, after having this short romance and seeing my girl friends. Yelena is an amazing singer, and when we met a street musician, she gave an amazing display of her passionate talent.

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