Alora and Ronda

Passing from Nerja to Castilblanco I chose to do some nice mountain roads instead of the shortest and fastest route…

In the mountainous region between Malaga and Sevilla lies Alora, and since my beloved godchild is called Alorah, I just had to see it… It’s a wonderful white village on top of a mountain head, I drank coffee on the market place and found a nice roasted chicken… Mmmmm!!! Chicken good!! (For pronounciation, check “The Fifth Element” of Luc Besson) Driving away from Alora, the sky was dark grey with rainclouds, but it broke open, so that a beam of light could hit the village, as if it was waving to me as I left…

After that I passed the big artificial lakes they made in the mountains, with amazing views over water and mountains…

Ronda is fabulous!!! It is perched on a very steep cliff and the valley dividing the city is bridged by an immense monument… It looks like giants built it… The rain was pouring from the sky by buckets!! What a weather it was!! So almost no pictures, and the ones I made have raindrops on them…

There I met Gaby, who took me to his house for some coffee and was so friendly to let me use his computer, for at that time all my memory cards were full with photo’s… We visited the hangar with small private planes and Gaby makes flying models of helicopters!! Thx!!

Then off to Castilblanco to make some olive oil!!

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