Los Portales

Los Portales, an oasis of rest and beauty… After Castilblanco, the biggest town in the neigbourhood, you need to go six kilometers northwest, then a gravel and dirt road brings you fifteen kilometers further into the hills… Gate after gate you pass, and then, in a lighted spot in the hills, lies the Finca.

It is actually not really a farm, but a spiritual community, founded by a Belgian painter woman, with the goal of inner growth.. Vegetables are cultivated, but also grains and olives and almonds… Three horses and a donkey, many goats who give us their delicious cheese have their stables, there’s a bakery and incredible women who make this amazing bread, an olive press that is used once a year to fulfill the oil needs of the community…

At the moment I visited the place, it was olive season. We went to other fields to pick the olives and then press the oil at the farm… How beautiful these olives are!!! I made so many pictures of this oil bearing fruit… The colors, textures, veines, are so beautiful!!! Even in the photo selection there are still many pictures of olives… Some images are very hazy, but I put them in any way so you can see the warm atmosphere…

But above all… The people… Very seldomly you meet a group of people who all give you the deep rest and love that can exist between humans and all living things…. I saw no masks, but a lot of truthful faces, honestly caring and loving…

What a great experience this was!! To see and feel this place was the most amazing thing on this trip into Spain…

I saw many people trying to be free on this trip, but this was the culmination of my quest… A place that has principles and warmth and a good balance between personal growth and community life… It is amazing how a focus on the inner truth can bring about such beautiful external manifestation… The buildings, food and human relations are of such high quality as I have rarely seen..

Thanks all for this amazing time….

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