Stories from Seville

Sevilla… Wonderful city… Strange stories….

The first time I drove trough Sevilla, I drove at twenty kilometer per hour, with open mouth… I was just on the big road and everything was so beautiful, everywhere I looked… If I looked at the one side, I briefly checked the road for trafic, but then immediately an other beautiful building at the other side of the road would catch my admiring attention…

The buildings are so colorful and refined and still exhibit a timeless grandeur… And I love it so much that these beautiful buildings are accompanied by marvelous trees!! Palm trees and orange trees, many exotic and mediterranian species of trees and flowers… I heard from a painter who has a very interesting texture technique that I should return in spring to see the flowers in bloom… Such a marvel to the eye can still be more beautiful!!

On the riverbanks I had incredible times… One night a series of orchestras passed my house in rehearsal of the Semana Santa – or so – playing their heavenly music that stirrs the heart with the passion flowing out of the many instruments… What a present that was!

Strange people I met, I had a few confrontations… Very shifty and egocentric people I met, but maybe of course this is a reflection of my own character, symbolised by these people… I am a naive person – I stupidly believe that people are honest and have good intentions – and also very happy with personal freedom – one of the issues and maybe the most important one I came to look closer to thanks to the confrontations I had – and the people I met could very well abuse this naivity… Of course I set my borders straight, but then people get around your personal boundaries and a lack of firmness and sternness from my side permits the situation to unfold…

— Yes Sevilla people are stern, but maybe I can learn a big deal out of this, sometimes I should be much more stern and assertive… I don’t let people totally invade my personal space, but they get close and sometimes over the borders because I still try to apply the polite social techniques I cultivated through the years… Maybe if I am more stern and be less talkative – yeah right Laima, try that!! – I don’t attract so much people who abuse friendliness and openness…  —

This happened on many levels… In love – this is still an entirely diffrent and a very nice story… I still cannot stop thinking of the boy I met – , in friendship, with persons I meet in the street… The highest and lowest class made you feel quite uncomfortable to be in their city… Of course I met friendly people, and some of them later totally disappointed me with their behaviour…

I kicked someone out of my car. This was a person that I too politely tried to get rid of, since he and his friends were company I enjoyed the last days, and so considered as a kind of friend, yea the story is complicated… I didn’t want to let him in my car, and at a moment (at four o’clock in the night or so) I was totally so fed up with the behaviour of this person, the loud music and posh ingeneering students who got in a sort of fight with this boy, that I just started the engine to get out of this crazy city, off to no matter where…. But then this guy asked me to get him out of the situation, so – yes it is my own fault, I too much sympathise with other people and want to help them – I brought him some hundreds of meters further, then asking him to get out. I needed a crazy and long discussion to get him out of the car, and really had to be mad at him before he got the message, although I told him so many times…

I was fed up with Sevilla, but still – my bad – the next day I went back for some computer work I was hoping to do in the internet shop… After an hour of working on my pictures to get them uploaded, asked if I could go for a coffee while the computer was uploading from my hard disk, if they would mind the computer and hard disk. I went for a coffee, and after two minutes I came back to check, and a man was working on the computer that had been uploading for me. I asked the guy how this could be, said that my hard disk is quite valuable to me and I don’t apreciate this situation – to redo the work I just did. Lack of sleep and feeling bad about the confrontation of the day before, made me quite reactive and assertive at that moment I think, and the stern and as I interpreted, somewhat childish, behaviour of the man or some instant karma, made him so mad that he kicked me out of the internet shop!

So enough of Sevilla!! Beautiful city… But beware of the people!! 😉

PS: The spellcheck program is not working. I hope you forgive me for making the many mistakes… In spelling, grammar and expressions… This counts for the whole blog… 😉

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