Punta Umbria to Puerto de Conil

After the hectic days in Sevilla, I took some rest at the coast…

I went to Punta Umbria, a deserted holiday village… Such strange and nice atmosphere after the stress of Seville!! Not a car on the road, empty houses and only a few people walking… I felt so welcome to this ghostlike emptiness…

I found a nice beach bar for a cocktail with sunset and then went a bit west to find a nice beach for the night… Here a difficult time started… I felt hurt by the boy I fell in love with and I needed all my mental powers just to keep me from crying all day… I needed rest and all the love I could give myself… I even started jogging just to be active and empty my mind…

People who know me know I never ever jogg… I think it is a waste of time, and bad for the body, especially knees and back… But this time I ran some kilometers futher and back at the beach and found it a perfect way to use my energy…

The next day I passed Huelva, went over Matalascañas, El Rocio, over Sevilla to Cadiz and San Fernando, to find a sleeping spot at Puerto de Conil… There I found a camping the next day that was actually closed for buisiness, but Alex let me in and made me some incredible fish he caught that morning… Tanks Alex!! It was wonderful!! After a few days I went off, still lost and sad, to roam the beaches of Southern Spain…

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