South tip of Spain… Tarifa is nice, but I didn’t take any pictures of the city… I think it’s quite small and cosy and I had a nice coffee and some rum and coke with some friendly men at a sunlit terrace… I liked the atmosphere…

I stayed a few days at the beach near Punta Paloma… There I met some very friendly and interesting people… I was restless and planned to go as soon as I came but suddenly I didn’t feel in any hurry and stayed there day after day in good and inspiring company, walked and ran the beaches and collected some nice shells…

This was a good time… It gave me rest and inspiration… It really triggered my creativity to be gathering shells on the beach… It made me think about how shells were money in the time and how people still like and will always like the beauty of nature and about sharing of talents, about mutual exotism of local products… I am really thankful to Lucia, an incredibly beautiful lady with an enchanting smile and enthousiasm, and my other neighbours at the parking… I met some jewels on this spot… We shared our beautiful garden and view and morning or evening conversations….

Then one night I could not sleep all night…. My heater was not working and it was about seven degrees that night… In a badly isolated van that’s not very warm! That night I decided to leave the next day… To sleep through the warmer days and then keep driving up north in the cold nights untill I get in Belgium…

Christmas season was coming up and I felt like seeing my family for these occasions, I had nothing waiting for me in Spain, and it was getting cold, and would be getting colder towards february I thought, so this last cold night kicked me into action! Back up north! It would be getting colder going up, but then in Belgium I would try to find a warm atelier to have some painting done!!! And to brainstorm about the next year… What am I going to do this winter? Next spring? And then next winter? I worked out a decent analysis and plan of action…

I was ready to go, so shared a last evening coffee before hitting the road, pouring out the good rum to my temporary companions… Thanks all… This was a very nice time…

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