The way up was an interesting one….

I passed beautiful landscapes crossing Spain… Many regions I want to revisit for closer inspection… Such a big countrry, such diversity and so much to see… (I know, it’s a small country in the world, but a big one in europe… Still… it exceeded my expectations… )

But then I remember everywhere I ever went and the nice places I passed by, I always thought, I’ll come back one day… But then, you only have these two feet, and any where they carry you, if you see the beauty of the world, this one path should be enough… You can’t see everything in one lifetime… But still the quest for new views is often stronger than the will to revisit places and people…

I had a kind of rythm… I drove at nighttime, from about five or six in the evening to four or six in the morning, to avoid the traffic, as it was a big holiday long weekend in Spain. I passed Cordoba and Valencia… Stopped in Iznatoraf for a siesta: a village on top of a hill in the heart of olive country: thousands and thousands of hectares, entire landscapes full of olive trees, planted in lines…. Amazing…

Passed Barcelona at about five on a sunday morning – perfect time to pass a big city!! – to sleep a bit further a the coast… A few hours before that, about midnight, I was so very hungry that I would stop for any dirty bite, for any greasy hot hamburger… I made a U-turn because on the long dark road with commercial buildings in groups, I saw a small light and a few cars… As I approached, I saw it was indeed a restaurant! Hooray!! I obviously entered after a party ( with apparently only men ) as the tables were full with dirty plates and half-emty jugs and bottles of all kinds of strong liquors… As I was drinking a coffee and smoking a sigarette, some of the clients offered me leftovers of there feast, sardines,  olives…. The bar tender served me an appertizer and and incredibly good entrecote, with some delicious vegetables!! Ah!!! I ate so much and so good! What a feast!!

But the feast continued… One of the two guests that stayed out of a group of twenty or so that just left, offered me a drink… I told him I would not drink for I was driving, but he told me I should at least taste, because his father brewed the wine…. And the wine was…. Delicious… Some kind of Mosquatel or so… Nice and sweet and refined… He gave me some nuts and raisins with it and it was a true treat to the senses…

Any one interested in a very good dinner or wine deal, should pass if in the neighbourhood… N340, km 1090.

The next day I drove some hundred kilometers to have a siesta at Roses, because I heard it was a nice spot… And it is… Commercial, dead and touristic, but nice…

The next night was a crazy one… I passed Perpignan and Narbonne, and some smurf friends stopped my van there to have some of their authorithy games and take some of my toys… I passed Clermond Ferrand. At about six in the morning I wanted to sleep, near Vierzon, hundred kilometers under Orléans… There I got worried because af a car circling my van in search of a hooker, and got back on the road in a hurry…

But soon the engine would break…. We got the car to a garage and insurance repatriated me with taxies and fancy trains… So…

Enough to do in the winter season!! Keep you up to date with progress on the repair and the painting getting done! xx!

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