Winter works

Summer is over, although it’s not really winter in Belgium… The spring flowers are popping their heads out of the ground, and there are even beetles found that normally only come out of the ground in May!!! It has been a very weird year, and I think it will get only worse, since we – humankind – keep up our foolish activities, like making war, throwing around waste (in air, earth and water), chopping down forests, industrial agricultural practices…

But so… The mobile home broke down, the engine is broken, and it is currently under repair…. Today the second hand motor arrives from England, and next week they will be working on it… Nice…

Meanwhile, I’m having a great time painting!!! I have nice places to stay, a magnificent atelier to use, good company, good friends taking care of me.. WOW… Thank you universe!!

I hope to have an exposition in two months or so… Daniel and me are joining efforts to make our way in the art world… I’m so exited!!!

I made a blog about the paintings, be free to visit….

Highlights of these period were the warm welcome home from my family and friends, out with Daniel to jazz concert by Kim, and Christmas market in Leuven, —  That’s what we do to lighten the dark winters in these climates!! — Christmas market too with Zita in BXL, two beautiful Christmas celebrations with both sides of the family, the great haute cuisine food at my cousins’ place, visiting Antwerp and the MAS with my beloved father, checking out the beach of Bredene after the storm that knocked a few meters of sand away and blew it all around to block roads and burry trashcans with Nathalie, dancing our heart out with FM in Ghent, many joyful meetings… Staying at Nathalie and Maarten’s place and see the joy Amélie spreads… Seeing my beloved mother and brother… And of course again the painting! Every time I have some painting done, I feel really good and content…

Thank you all… Thank you…

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