Sedimentation of thoughts…

Winter passed… I had some time to think, evaluate and digest last year….

So some thoughts and conclusions….

One year and a half ago, I finished my studies of bio-engineering… That day I decided that I would take a holliday for the rest of my life… I was free to do and don’t … Actually I always was, for I am a soul roamig this planet, but now I really FELT free… No more studies to finish, no more deadlines, no more putting energy in things you don’t believe in… Time for meditation, for fun, for real things, for freedom….

So I took the liberty and freedom to get an appartment and work and build the FEELING of freedom…. Many people of my generation flee our world to find better worlds at the other side of the globe… But then they often come back depleated and depressed, in need to do meaningless work to get the money to flee again… I didn’t want to run away to get this feeling of freedom.

I experienced this feeling to do exactly what you want on some of my trips (especially the experience of meeting a tibbetan monk in a mountain village where we both stranded because of public transport, made me see opportunities are always there, you just need the freedom to ACT upon them, and this freedom we normally take out of our lives by wanting to PLAN every thing….), but also in meditation, in good conversations, in just contemplating my surroundings….

So I realised this feeling of freedom many people experience on their voyages, is only there because we have an openness to possibilities…. Now I wanted to cultivate this feeling of freedom in daily life, doing normal things… I had the wonderful experience of being in my own country and explore, travel, enjoy….  When my mother was in the intensive care unit for a month I worked the early shifts in a printing factory… Even here I was able to cultivate my inner freedom, every time I put something on the machine, I thanked the universe for everything I had and would still get… What an amazing feeling to be in a situation where nobody feels free and still feel it!!! People in the factory kept asking what I was smiling about… All good things in my life, I answered….

But then in january I had a paperwork problem that frustrated me so much that I decided to give up rent and to build a horse wagon… This went really fine. I found and bought the underside, had many ideas and we started building the wagon… But my dear mom did’n want me to be without a house of my own, and advised me to buy a caravan… One week before my rent was finished I did, and had an all new freedom to myself!!! Choosing where your house is and what view you prefer!!!

With the caravan I had an amazing time, you followed some of it on this blog… I found many people trying to be free…. People squatting, living in caves, self-built houses and cars… What an exciting world it is!!!

But I realised too…. This amazing traveling I cannot do at the moment with the horse wagon… Winters are too cold for me… And distances too long… This horse wagon is perfect if one day I built the inn I’m dreaming of since more than ten years… But at this moment, I cannot truly follow this path… So Fabien is going to take over the horse wagon while I explore life in the mobilhome….

This year is as a white canvas… Everything is still possible and I just have to mix the paint as I wish to!!!

And the big news: after two months of garage, the car is finally fixed!!!! Spring is coming and we’ll have an exciting new year!!! Woohoo!!!



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