Spring is coming!!!

My car is back!!! My house is mine again!!!

Heavy repair works and many costs, but I can go again!!! Woohoo!!! Go and check this part of the planet for nice energies!!! Roaming to find my land and my man!!! Nomad woman praying the universe for her dreams to come true!! I’ll find my path!

It has been quite gloomy weather in Belgium… Bad lighting conditions for photographs… But I’ll give you a small selection…

I’m investigating my homeland… For nice places to stay, for people worth wile… And witnessing Daniel making incredible paintings… I am so privleged… Thank you.

And plans for the next year are coming up… In April I go to the Périgord to install a vegetable and herb garden and orchard for my dear mom… Then one week off to Malta to see my father… And then I think I’ll just stay in the south for investigations… The squatted villages in the Pyrenees Mountains… Go to the Nowhere festival and hope to volunteer…

And hopefully some surfing! It has been a long time… I carried my board on top of my car for a long time now without using it…

So… We’ll see, but things are looking up!!! 🙂 XX!!

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About Laima

Habitant of plantet Earth, keen to make a ride...
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