II follow rivers

I followed the canals from Moerkerke to Ghent… Actually you cannot really drive by car next to them: it’s only for bikes and people who live there, but I live everywhere I go, no?

At the Landhuis in Gent, a squatted facory building and surrounding grounds, where many peolpe from the neigbourhood make their small garden plots,  I accidentally – since my plan was to go there a week earlier to find some friends of mine to help them with the gardening – found some young social work students who wanted to have an agriculture project for their studies, but they didn’t know how to start it, so I helped them by explaining how to work the ground, enrich it with compost, how they could organise the plot and how to seed… It was an amazing coincidence that brought us all a lot of fun!!

I got a new half price stash of water colors and even some media I never even knew existed… Thank you Gil!!! I will have a wonderful time painting if I find the time and place for it!! 😀 😀

We shared a wonderful day with Zita and Herbert in Ghent at the botanical garden… Zita loved it… I love the place… I have been volunteering there and helped Herbert out with the never ending job of maintaining the gardens… When you come there in the morning and the moist and perfumed air embraces you, you feel like walking in the garden of Eden… And we were extra lucky!! That day some poisonous dart frogs were coming to inhabit the Victoria greenhouse!!!

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