Flying for family visits: Malta

The big rock is a special place… It was inhabited 4000 b.C. and many cultures, nations and religions claimed it for their own… Saint Paul’s co-cathedral in Valletta is amazingly baroque and luckily my brother pointed out the rare marble that was used, so I appreciated it a lot, although it is not at all my preferred style… Caravaggio blew me out of my socks! ( I LOVE bad translations 😉 ) Now I know why he is so widly laurelled.

The massive walls of Valetta make you think of pirates swarming the bays… It is a very special atmosphere… One of abundance and war over fictional values… What god would want you to kill people who love him differently? If you want to see how spirituality and ego-tripping religion have nothing to do with each other… check Malta.

And then there are… The flowers (WOW!!)… The bays… The little hidden gardens…

My picture count is running over 200 so there will be a second part to show you the beauty of the islands, but first a news flash… ;D

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