News Flash!!

The images from Malta are still from April, but I’m quite behind in updating the blog…

The last months I have been having a swell time in Belgium, really an incredible time… But I had or took none for the hours and hours of computer work I need to update the blog…

Now we’re leaving for Austria… I met the most incredible and lovable companion for the road… Normally there was an exposition opening this thursday, 9th of August, but it is postponed… Everything so expands to a higher level of chaos but life is sweet to me and we’ll just leave to Vienna to check things out, and then further to Budapest and….

Many people asked me to update the blog with images from the trip, and if I have a whole lot of internet time I’ll try, but I don’t like to interfere non-chronologically in the blog, so it will take some time before I can share it all with you…

Any way: have a beautiful summer!!!!! Love and peace!!! 😉


About Laima

Habitant of plantet Earth, keen to make a ride...
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