I follow rivers

Beautyful days in my beloved oh so flat country….

Many happy encounters with very good old friends… Many happy family times too and preparations to go south again… There are always more practical things to tend to than first envisioned… 🙂

I saw – amongst others – Charlotte, Lieselot, Nathalie, Bruno and Thomas… All persons with beautiful souls and with an intensely shared past… We had a girls night at Alexandra’s, a wonderful sunday walk with my dearest grandma, went to Sea Life Center where Nathalie adopted a sick seal cub, we celebrated the 12th birthday of my godchild Alorah….

It is funny how I try to reconstruct the past events by seeing the photo’s… Of many – and some wonderful – events I did not make pictures, so they fall out of the summary…. Actually maybe the story behind the pictures is not so important since they form a story on their own….

Mostly, when I work on a post, I start by writing a very short summary of the period. This time it was this:

“Beautiful days in my beloved oh so flat country….

Many happy encounters with very good old friends… Many happy family times too and preparations to go south again… There are always more practical things to tend to than first envisioned… 🙂

Many canlas cut through the pancace-flat plains and are wonderful to follow…

These foggy mornings give beautiful sunrise images…

Enjoy… And thanks for the wonderful times!!”

But then I start uploading the images and realise I already have more than one hundred photo’s on one slideshow, and I want to keep the slide shows digestable, so I have to start a new post…. And then I have to rewrite the short post, since the period becomes shorter and the memories and chronology start to appear while I go through the photo’s….

So here again…. I got to half of the pictures, and the show is long enoug, so there will be a sequel!! Ha ha!!! I never think much of sequels, but in the next post I’m going to show you some footage of a beautiful trip, following the canals from Moerkerke (de Blinker en de Stinker – afvoerkanaal naar Knokke) to Ghent….

Plus…. I am so vain…. I know…. I had a wack self photo shoot with my – bad! 😉 – make up… 🙂 🙂  And I even put the pictures on here… Pfff…. Girls… 😉

Ha ha!!

Ooh yea, I just saw the pictures again and it reminded me… For the first time in ten years I ran out of gas (it even happened very frequently when I had the jeep, I had a jerrycan of 5 liters and was not afraid to use it… 😀 ) but it was the first time the car didn’t want to start up after filling it… But a superhero of Europe Assistance rescued me 🙂 and yes I AM ashamed to say, for the third time in three months… (Motor broke, alternatoror and/or battery, declogging (?) )  I think they will be fed up with me…. Nathalie was a very sporty passenger!! Thanks and sorry Nathalie!!

Thanks for checking!!! Bigg kiss!!!

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Spring is coming!!!

My car is back!!! My house is mine again!!!

Heavy repair works and many costs, but I can go again!!! Woohoo!!! Go and check this part of the planet for nice energies!!! Roaming to find my land and my man!!! Nomad woman praying the universe for her dreams to come true!! I’ll find my path!

It has been quite gloomy weather in Belgium… Bad lighting conditions for photographs… But I’ll give you a small selection…

I’m investigating my homeland… For nice places to stay, for people worth wile… And witnessing Daniel making incredible paintings… I am so privleged… Thank you.

And plans for the next year are coming up… In April I go to the PĂ©rigord to install a vegetable and herb garden and orchard for my dear mom… Then one week off to Malta to see my father… And then I think I’ll just stay in the south for investigations… The squatted villages in the Pyrenees Mountains… Go to the Nowhere festival and hope to volunteer…

And hopefully some surfing! It has been a long time… I carried my board on top of my car for a long time now without using it…

So… We’ll see, but things are looking up!!! 🙂 XX!!

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Sedimentation of thoughts…

Winter passed… I had some time to think, evaluate and digest last year….

So some thoughts and conclusions….

One year and a half ago, I finished my studies of bio-engineering… That day I decided that I would take a holliday for the rest of my life… I was free to do and don’t … Actually I always was, for I am a soul roamig this planet, but now I really FELT free… No more studies to finish, no more deadlines, no more putting energy in things you don’t believe in… Time for meditation, for fun, for real things, for freedom….

So I took the liberty and freedom to get an appartment and work and build the FEELING of freedom…. Many people of my generation flee our world to find better worlds at the other side of the globe… But then they often come back depleated and depressed, in need to do meaningless work to get the money to flee again… I didn’t want to run away to get this feeling of freedom.

I experienced this feeling to do exactly what you want on some of my trips (especially the experience of meeting a tibbetan monk in a mountain village where we both stranded because of public transport, made me see opportunities are always there, you just need the freedom to ACT upon them, and this freedom we normally take out of our lives by wanting to PLAN every thing….), but also in meditation, in good conversations, in just contemplating my surroundings….

So I realised this feeling of freedom many people experience on their voyages, is only there because we have an openness to possibilities…. Now I wanted to cultivate this feeling of freedom in daily life, doing normal things… I had the wonderful experience of being in my own country and explore, travel, enjoy….  When my mother was in the intensive care unit for a month I worked the early shifts in a printing factory… Even here I was able to cultivate my inner freedom, every time I put something on the machine, I thanked the universe for everything I had and would still get… What an amazing feeling to be in a situation where nobody feels free and still feel it!!! People in the factory kept asking what I was smiling about… All good things in my life, I answered….

But then in january I had a paperwork problem that frustrated me so much that I decided to give up rent and to build a horse wagon… This went really fine. I found and bought the underside, had many ideas and we started building the wagon… But my dear mom did’n want me to be without a house of my own, and advised me to buy a caravan… One week before my rent was finished I did, and had an all new freedom to myself!!! Choosing where your house is and what view you prefer!!!

With the caravan I had an amazing time, you followed some of it on this blog… I found many people trying to be free…. People squatting, living in caves, self-built houses and cars… What an exciting world it is!!!

But I realised too…. This amazing traveling I cannot do at the moment with the horse wagon… Winters are too cold for me… And distances too long… This horse wagon is perfect if one day I built the inn I’m dreaming of since more than ten years… But at this moment, I cannot truly follow this path… So Fabien is going to take over the horse wagon while I explore life in the mobilhome….

This year is as a white canvas… Everything is still possible and I just have to mix the paint as I wish to!!!

And the big news: after two months of garage, the car is finally fixed!!!! Spring is coming and we’ll have an exciting new year!!! Woohoo!!!


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The bite of Jack Frost

Woohoo!!! I survived the frost!!! Thanks to my good friends Nathalie and Maarten, Daniel, my amazing cousins Koenraad en Elewout, and my dear shining godess mom…

It was a wonderful time… Time to share real things and to be creative actors of our lives…

I feel the dark time gives you time to rest, think, plan, make, feel, dream and make contact with the soul… So soulful this period was… Thanks all…

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Winter works

Summer is over, although it’s not really winter in Belgium… The spring flowers are popping their heads out of the ground, and there are even beetles found that normally only come out of the ground in May!!! It has been a very weird year, and I think it will get only worse, since we – humankind – keep up our foolish activities, like making war, throwing around waste (in air, earth and water), chopping down forests, industrial agricultural practices…

But so… The mobile home broke down, the engine is broken, and it is currently under repair…. Today the second hand motor arrives from England, and next week they will be working on it… Nice…

Meanwhile, I’m having a great time painting!!! I have nice places to stay, a magnificent atelier to use, good company, good friends taking care of me.. WOW… Thank you universe!!

I hope to have an exposition in two months or so… Daniel and me are joining efforts to make our way in the art world… I’m so exited!!!

I made a blog about the paintings, be free to visit…. http://laimacolors.wordpress.com/

Highlights of these period were the warm welcome home from my family and friends, out with Daniel to jazz concert by Kim, and Christmas market in Leuven, —  That’s what we do to lighten the dark winters in these climates!! — Christmas market too with Zita in BXL, two beautiful Christmas celebrations with both sides of the family, the great haute cuisine food at my cousins’ place, visiting Antwerp and the MAS with my beloved father, checking out the beach of Bredene after the storm that knocked a few meters of sand away and blew it all around to block roads and burry trashcans with Nathalie, dancing our heart out with FM in Ghent, many joyful meetings… Staying at Nathalie and Maarten’s place and see the joy AmĂ©lie spreads… Seeing my beloved mother and brother… And of course again the painting! Every time I have some painting done, I feel really good and content…

Thank you all… Thank you…

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The way up was an interesting one….

I passed beautiful landscapes crossing Spain… Many regions I want to revisit for closer inspection… Such a big countrry, such diversity and so much to see… (I know, it’s a small country in the world, but a big one in europe… Still… it exceeded my expectations… )

But then I remember everywhere I ever went and the nice places I passed by, I always thought, I’ll come back one day… But then, you only have these two feet, and any where they carry you, if you see the beauty of the world, this one path should be enough… You can’t see everything in one lifetime… But still the quest for new views is often stronger than the will to revisit places and people…

I had a kind of rythm… I drove at nighttime, from about five or six in the evening to four or six in the morning, to avoid the traffic, as it was a big holiday long weekend in Spain. I passed Cordoba and Valencia… Stopped in Iznatoraf for a siesta: a village on top of a hill in the heart of olive country: thousands and thousands of hectares, entire landscapes full of olive trees, planted in lines…. Amazing…

Passed Barcelona at about five on a sunday morning – perfect time to pass a big city!! – to sleep a bit further a the coast… A few hours before that, about midnight, I was so very hungry that I would stop for any dirty bite, for any greasy hot hamburger… I made a U-turn because on the long dark road with commercial buildings in groups, I saw a small light and a few cars… As I approached, I saw it was indeed a restaurant! Hooray!! I obviously entered after a party ( with apparently only men ) as the tables were full with dirty plates and half-emty jugs and bottles of all kinds of strong liquors… As I was drinking a coffee and smoking a sigarette, some of the clients offered me leftovers of there feast, sardines,  olives…. The bar tender served me an appertizer and and incredibly good entrecote, with some delicious vegetables!! Ah!!! I ate so much and so good! What a feast!!

But the feast continued… One of the two guests that stayed out of a group of twenty or so that just left, offered me a drink… I told him I would not drink for I was driving, but he told me I should at least taste, because his father brewed the wine…. And the wine was…. Delicious… Some kind of Mosquatel or so… Nice and sweet and refined… He gave me some nuts and raisins with it and it was a true treat to the senses…

Any one interested in a very good dinner or wine deal, should pass if in the neighbourhood… N340, km 1090.

The next day I drove some hundred kilometers to have a siesta at Roses, because I heard it was a nice spot… And it is… Commercial, dead and touristic, but nice…

The next night was a crazy one… I passed Perpignan and Narbonne, and some smurf friends stopped my van there to have some of their authorithy games and take some of my toys… I passed Clermond Ferrand. At about six in the morning I wanted to sleep, near Vierzon, hundred kilometers under OrlĂ©ans… There I got worried because af a car circling my van in search of a hooker, and got back on the road in a hurry…

But soon the engine would break…. We got the car to a garage and insurance repatriated me with taxies and fancy trains… So…

Enough to do in the winter season!! Keep you up to date with progress on the repair and the painting getting done! xx!

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South tip of Spain… Tarifa is nice, but I didn’t take any pictures of the city… I think it’s quite small and cosy and I had a nice coffee and some rum and coke with some friendly men at a sunlit terrace… I liked the atmosphere…

I stayed a few days at the beach near Punta Paloma… There I met some very friendly and interesting people… I was restless and planned to go as soon as I came but suddenly I didn’t feel in any hurry and stayed there day after day in good and inspiring company, walked and ran the beaches and collected some nice shells…

This was a good time… It gave me rest and inspiration… It really triggered my creativity to be gathering shells on the beach… It made me think about how shells were money in the time and how people still like and will always like the beauty of nature and about sharing of talents, about mutual exotism of local products… I am really thankful to Lucia, an incredibly beautiful lady with an enchanting smile and enthousiasm, and my other neighbours at the parking… I met some jewels on this spot… We shared our beautiful garden and view and morning or evening conversations….

Then one night I could not sleep all night…. My heater was not working and it was about seven degrees that night… In a badly isolated van that’s not very warm! That night I decided to leave the next day… To sleep through the warmer days and then keep driving up north in the cold nights untill I get in Belgium…

Christmas season was coming up and I felt like seeing my family for these occasions, I had nothing waiting for me in Spain, and it was getting cold, and would be getting colder towards february I thought, so this last cold night kicked me into action! Back up north! It would be getting colder going up, but then in Belgium I would try to find a warm atelier to have some painting done!!! And to brainstorm about the next year… What am I going to do this winter? Next spring? And then next winter? I worked out a decent analysis and plan of action…

I was ready to go, so shared a last evening coffee before hitting the road, pouring out the good rum to my temporary companions… Thanks all… This was a very nice time…

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